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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 14, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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shot as supplies dwindle. and broken water heaters just one problem caused by the big chill. see how long it'll be before temperatures return to normal. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's monday, january 14th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. boy, you can feel it all around the bay area, another night of below-average temperatures and the winter chill is causing some problems. in pleasant hill where the overnight low reached 28 degrees, a homeless man was air lifted to the hospital with burns over most of his body. man told investigators his tent caught fire after he lit a candle inside to stay warm. the cold snap means water heaters are working overtime. crews fixed this one that sent water spilling into the garage. one plumbing company tells us
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business has gone up 50% since temperatures first dropped last week. and in the oakland hills, news chopper 2 is overhead after police shut down part of claire minute avenue near fish ranch road where police say black ice caused a 7-car pileup about 8:30 this morning. no one was hurt, but several cars were damaged. >> good evening to you, and this is the fourth night in a row we are going to endure frigid temperatures. we do have advisories that will move into place in the overnight hours, and the numbers already rapidly dropping off. 36 in napa right now. 40 degrees in concord. 49 san francisco. as we head inland, east bay, 37 degrees at walnut creek, 33 degrees out mount diablo low 40s in mrez santon and livermore. we have advisories. the frost advisory for our bay side communities, back into the 30s into the overnight hours and shades of purple for our inland valley locations, northeast and
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south bay, a freeze warning that will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, as well. when i come back i'll show you a detailed map of what i expect for you tomorrow morning and when i expect us to finally warm up. gasia. nearly 30 homeowners are headed into this frigid night without power after a large redwood free smashed oo home and power lines. that 150-footal redwood tree toppled on west baltimore avenue in larkspur about 11:30 this morning. neighbors say they heard a person inside the home yelling for help. the tree also brought down power lines cutting electricity to nearly 70 homes. some power has been restored but pg&e says it may take crews all night to get power back to the last 30 homes. along with the cold weather, flu season is arriving. the number of cases in california is increasing and health and science editor joun fowler reports, the flu vaccine is already running low. >> walnut creek's kaiser hospital today. >> i'm afraid you have an ear
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infection, my friend. >> kelly westing brought in her five-year-old son. >> can you open big for me. >> he's feeling sick, symptoms similar to the flu. neither had had the flu vaccine. >> salo and his mom each got a flu shot, but we've learned that flu vaccine in the bay area may soon be hard to come by. >> kaiser bought one and a third million doses, 1% of the nation's total supply. >> for this week, we're okay, but beyond then, we're not really sure about our vaccine supply. >> i called continue cost county target pharmacy, cvs and walgreens all said they were out of vaccine for at least week. that may mean people have been getting their shots, perhaps worried about what they've seen back east. >> all the other states have gotten it really bad. it's getting really close, and i know a lot of people who didn't get the flu shot. >> not really. i usually -- i don't get the flu shots. i don't believe in it. >> why did i get one?
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because i have asthma and also my neighbor got extremely sick j county health officials say people should first contact their health care provider. >> for our public health system and healthcare system, we have adequate supply of the flu vaccine right now. >>. >> doctors say cases of flu are surging in california. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. we have a bay area map showing where the flu vaccine is available. just plug in your zip code. you'll find it on our web site, nurses at santa rosa hospital and maintenance workers at petaluma valley hospital took to the picket lines once again today. this is video from their november strike. the employees are at odds with administrators over wages, benefits and contributions to their healthcare plans. both hospitals called in replacement workers and are promising patient care will not be affected by the two-day strike. police in east palo alto are investigating the first homicide
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of the year. officer say a shot spotter detected up to 17 gunshots about 2:00 this afternoon near ill nois street and purdue avenue. they found a man dead in the back of his home. the homeowner's daughter tells us she just can't believe it. >> i was in shock knowing that a shooting happened at my mom's house and nothing like this has ever happened. >> investigators don't think anyone in the home was involved. no word yet on a motive or suspects. we have new information tonight about a recent wave of violence in oakland. some religious leaders want a state of emergency declared but the mayor and police chief aren't going that far. live in oakland, tells us the other steps they say they're taking to crack down. jana. >> gasia, the police chief and the mayor say declaring a formal state of emergency would only provide temporary relief of seven days and that, they say is
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not enough. in front of a mural, oakland's police chief and mayor said they're working to stop this string of violence. >> we know there's probably 1 to 2% of the population causing this violence, and we are foe cussed on them. >> on saturday and sunday 11 people were wound in shootings and that followed a deadly week with the city's first six homicides of the yeefrment police say the last four killings all happened on friday and appear to be connected to an ongoing feud between rival groups that started when a young woman was killed last summer. >> this group has become increasingly violent. they have grown in number sos that's why it's difficult to -- there's not two or three people. there's multiple people. >> chief jordan says in the past six to eight months the shooting groups have been responsible for 90% of violent crimes in the city including robberys and shooths. police tell ktvu the groups are mostly african american men between 18 and 27 years old. religious leaders met with the mayor and police chief today.
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>> i've been in oakland 67 years. i've been pastoring actual gospel church 29 years, and i'm saying i've never seen it this bad. >> we've got 616 officers. 90 of them are either on light duty or can't work at all period. >> the police chief said today his pran of action includes more police academys to add 60 to 70 officer to the streets. he plans to hire 11 alameda county sheriff's deputys and 20 police service technicians to help patrol and is requesting help. reporting live in oakland tonight, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san jose has new acting police chief tonight. city officials announced today the appointment of larry es ka vel. es ka vel served as deputy chief for the san jose police bureau of field operations since february of last year. he began as a reserve officer back in 1984, became police officer in 1986 and worked his
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way up to captain in 2010. city managers say escavel will serve as about chief. a sixth person is now being charged in a killing of a man found bound and gagged in a street in san francisco. 26-year-old catherine uong pleadeding in to murder, robbery and other charges in connection with the killing of stephen reid. reid was found tied up last month. an 18-year-old woman was found with him. she was seriously injured, but she sur vooifd. all six defendants are due back in court february 4th. president barack obama scheduled to sit down with vice president joe biden tomorrow to discuss steps to curb gun violence. he's received a list of what he called sensible xhons steps from biden's gun policy task force. the task force recommendations are expected to include requiring background checks for all gun purchases, limiting the number of rounds allowed in magazines and a revival of the ban on assault weapons. the president delivered a stern
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message to congress today to raise the country's $16.4 trillion debt ceiling. >> if congressional republicans refuse to pay american's bills on time, social security checks and veterans' benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owners so to even entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. >> in a news conference, the president warned that not increasing the debt limit is irresponsible and would harm the economy. republicans in the house want spending cuts if the debt ceiling is raised. on wall street, stocks traded mostly sideways as the markets finished mixed. dow industrial gained 18 points. nasdaq dropped 8 weighed down by a decline in apple. the company saw its stocks slump following report apple has cut orsd for iphone 5 components. the report suggests demand for the iphone 5 stagnated
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relatively quickly. stokss dripped below 500 down $18 and change or 3 and a half percent. apple's all-time high is 700. a bay area pizza chain is giving money back to its workers. ahead in eight minutes how the mistakes it made will be swallowed by customers. the 2013 lease will be priced at just below 29 thousand tlrs. that's a 6 thousand $reduction from the previous model year. based on production of the e lek tris lease sold in the u.s. to tennessee to japan. it's the confession many people have been waiting for. seven-time tour de france winner lance armstrong reportedly admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. associated press said armstrong confessed in an interview today with oprah winfrey and also apologize today staff. that interview isn't set to air until thursday but here in the bay area people are already
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talking. >> it just makes them go awe, man. the dream was pretty -- too good to be true it seem sgls he took something for nothing. he took his cancer diagnosis and created one of the bigger foundations in the world for cancer and you can never take that away from him. >> so far no comment from armstrong but -- about the interview but oprah winfrey today tweet it had interview lasted more than two and a half hours and he came ready. the kansas city linebacker had the blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. the jackson county, missouri medical examiner released jovan belcher's autopsy report today. the 25-year-old was found by police sleeping in his car five hours before the shooting. they let him go inside an apartment to sleep it off. later belcher shot his girlfriend nine times then went to the chiefs' training facility and killed himself. have you ever felt like a
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sardine waiting on a platform for a train? the proposals bart is looking into to relieve passenger congestion. >> i am leaving under duress. >> it's anchor's away for these boat owners. the eviction notice that's less than fuming. and new details two decades later about the death of a movie icon. the twist that led authorities to reclassify how she died. sofa... desk...
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. muni officials today confirmed overtime pay for muni workers skyrocketed last year to $18 million over budget. the ballooning overtime costs come from employees working overnight and extended hours. one mechanic earned almost 164 thousand tlrs in overtime in one year. muni leads the city in overtime
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wagess with almost $56 million paid out every year. you might call bart a victim of its own success. a recent writer ship surge is leaving some bart platforms packed. bart is considering some unique twice help passengers cope. >> xhierts at the bart center say it's prettity hectic. it seems to get more crowded by the day. with an average of 391,000 passengers taking bart each weekday, ridership is at an all-time high and bart says the two most crowded stations are embarcadero and montgomery. bart suggests ridership could hit 700,000 a day within 15 to 20 years. >> bart staff is thinking about what type of solution can we implement to address the growing capacity. >> such potential solutions could include high-speed escalators. make these stone seeth areas smaller. it would save some space but it
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would also mean fewer people could sit down. >> my only consideration would be the elderly or people who are more infirm and unable to stand. >> plan to build two tunnels each at the embarcadero and montgomery stations that would allow passengers to board two trains on both sides. >> this is the preliminary study we had done and shows it has feasible. >> i think that'd be pretty interesting to give it a new triechlt couldn't hurt, right. >> final decisions are still months, even years away. in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. tenants of a peninsula harbor must move out by tomorrow night or face eviction. >> it's very difficult. it's put me in a lot of hardship. i am leaving under duress. >> dwan and his wife maria have lived at pete's harbor in redwood city for 13 years now, but they were scrambling to set sail today.
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the current tenants' leases expire tomorrow, but it is possible some could move back in. the state lands commission is considering whether part of the harbor should remain public. former president george h. w. bush is back home tonight after spending nearly two months in the hospital. the 88-year-old would you describe released today from methodist hospital in houston where he was admitted november 23rd. he was being treated for bronchitis and other issues. doctors say his condition is improving and he will continue physical therapy at home. mr. bush is the nation's oldest-living president. there's a dramatic new twist tonight in one of hollywood's most mistierous deaths. a coroner's report released today reveels actress natalie wood had bruised and scratches on her face and arms that may have occurred before her death. wood was on a yacht with her husband robert waggoner and actor christopher watt kins back in 1981. officials changed wood's death certificate to include last year undetermined factors causing her death. the child of prince william
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and the duchess of cambridge is due in july. kate middle ton 's health is improving. she pent several days in the hospital last month. the child will be third in line to the british throne and no word if it's a baby boy or girl. oracle says users of its java software should update it immediately. the company yesterday released a fix for a flaw in the software that made computers vulnerable to viruss and hackers. laes week the department of homeland security recommended users disable java until the patch was created. a popular pizza chain is making a six-figure pay out for not giving employees enough of the pie when it comes to san francisco's health benefit requirement. those cost wills now be passed along to the customer sgrs workers in chicago pizza are now getting a bigger slice of benefits. that's after 2009 and 2011, didn't use most of a 4% healthy
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san francisco surcharge add today customer's checks to fund employee healthcare. >> theest mat shows that there was roughly 210, 220,000 dollars that did not appropriately go to employees for employee healthcare. >> the money was being spent for healthcare for invoices that our employees turned into us. we paid every single one of them. we -- we accrued more than the employees actually redeemed. >> they will pay 320 thousand tlrs to 115 current and former employees and increase healthcare spending by a hun thousand dollars this year. the settlement comes as san francisco restaurants say they're gram l with rising rental and healthcare cost and the nation's highest minimum wage rate. >> if you put that together you're looking at closer to 12, dollars an hour. he now plans to eliminate the surcharge and raise menu prices
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to fully fund healthcare. >> it adds more infrastructure to our company. we have to have an extra person that just does that. >> a source indicate today ktvu dozens of other restaurants are under investigation for possibly violating the healthy san francisco ordnance. the city attorney's office would not confirm that. says it is looking towards a larger effort to address the issue. in san francisco, david stephenson ktvu channel 2 news. the 49ers are just one win away from the super bowl and fans are gearing up to cheer their team to victory. as you can imagine, red and gold merchandise is flying off the shelves at stores across the bay area ahead of this weekend's nfc championship game against the atlanta falcons. hot item right now? no. 7 colin kaepernick jersey. they've already sold out. california's recent cold spell is packing a pump for farmers. coming up the battle now pitch to save crops not too far from the bay area. and bundle up for another
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night of chilly weather. meteorologist rosemary orozco tells us what time frost and freeze advisories go into effect. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. cold temperatures across california are causing some damage to some of our state's citrus crop. growers say that mandarins growing in the western part of san joaquin value ree have been
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hit the hardest. temperatures there dropped to below freezing for a foirt straight thieth last night. some are using wind machines and irrigation. here with some advisories right here in the heart of the bay area. >> yes. we will also need to cover our plants, bring in the mrants maybe check the pipes. another frigid one very several to what we woke up with this morning. we warmed up a few degrees over yesterday. this afternoon still holding onto a little bit of that but still take a look at napa. 36 degrees. you have to run out to the store, it's almost freezing out there. 49 in oak lapd. 46 in hayward. down along the peninsula 39 menlo park. 41 degrees right now in palo alto. so with the clear skies and light winds, that heat we did receive today is taking an exit already. this pattern continues but this high pressure here is slowly nudging towards the coast and eventually it's going to bring us some warm air. i see it on the horizon as early
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as tomorrow. we are dealing once again with 20s and 30s and patchy frost as we start tomorrow morning. the shade of blue indicating the frost advisory. the shade of purpose sl where we see the freeze warning. this means areas going to wake up in the mid 30s in some cases perhaps low 30s out there. in and around the north bay, napa, val val, you're going to be in the 20s once again. fairfield, mrez san ton, livermore and down into the south bay. san jose 32 degrees but south, 27 expected for you tomorrow morning. here is a look at some of the numbers i do expect as you head out the toor sun vising right about 7:24. that's when we experience our coldest temperatures. 30 for. again, it will really be the inland areas that once again hit hard in noid upper 20s in the forecast for you. by 10:00, 11:00, we begin to
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feel a little better and then tomorrow's highs slightly warmer than today. 57 for santa rosa, 55 in-and-a-half-and-a-half, mid 50s for vallejo, 55 in an fran. down into the santa clara valley, 56 for san jose, and santa cruz checking in right about 57 with mostly sunny skies. the sunshine will continue into wednesday, thursday and notice the warmup, finally climbing out of those freezing temperatures and in time for your holiday weekend. nice weather in the forecast, low 6 #0s for the afternoon. gasia. thank you, rosemary, a new effort is underway to transfort a part of berkeley's famed telegraph avenue. some community members want to ban vehicle traffic on the north end of telegraph from dwight way to bank frost wachlt their plan calls for making the area pedestrian and bike friendly and to equip it with outdoor benches and tables. opponents say that a vehicle ban would deter shoppers from comeing to that area. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news
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breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight the controversial topic being tackled in a new two-minute ad and when you'll be able to see it. we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36. pwp:ú-> [ crickets chirping ]
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